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By joining Clean Water SoCal you are joining forces with many other agencies facing the same operational, management and regulatory challenges. Clean Water SoCal can assist you in meeting the challenges you face.

If you would like to become a member of Clean Water SoCal, please complete an application and email the completed application directly to the Clean Water SoCal office. Should you have additional questions be sure to contact the Clean Water SoCal office.

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What is Clean Water SoCal?

Clean Water SoCal, is an association of cities, special districts and other public agencies, which was formed in 1992 to concentrate resources to effect reasonable local, state and federal regulations impacting POTWs and collection systems.

Our organization is currently comprised of over 80 wastewater treatment and collection system agencies. Together, our membership collects and/or treats the wastewater for over 20 million southern Californians in seven counties. All of our regular members are public agencies, either municipalities, joint power authorities or special districts, charged with the responsibility for treating and disposing of wastewater in a safe and economically viable manner for their ratepayers.

Our Associate members are associated with the treatment of water and/or the collection, treatment, disposal, recycling or reuse of wastewater and its residuals within the State of California.

Joining forces enables even small agencies to have a say in such regulations as air quality, biosolids management, collection systems, energy management, wastewater pretreatment and inland surface/ocean water discharges. And, unlike other associations with similar membership who deal with these issues on a statewide basis, Clean Water SoCal addresses them from a perspective that often only Southern Californians can appreciate.

Although attention is directed mainly towards the regulatory arena, Clean Water SoCal also works on legislation that would similarly impact its members. In extreme situations, litigation may be pursued when Clean Water SoCal members feel it is in the best interest of the public to challenge proposed or existing laws or regulations.

The organization strives to obtain a balance between protection of public health and the environment with the economic reality of existing and proposed regulations. In that sense, it is perhaps the public, or ratepayer, for whom Clean Water SoCal is really an advocate.

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